Architectural Design

Collaborative design work is fundamental for the suc​cess of a design project. I have had the honor to work with great designers from whom I have acquired knowledge and skills, and learned the value of collaborative work with clients and other designers leading to client satisfaction and industry awards. 


3D Modeling and

Visual Art

I have had great success in the use of 3D modeling, not just to create presentations for external clients, but also as a catalyst for collaborative design processes with internal clients. The ability to create sun studies, analyze topography, assess neighborhood impact, and generate view angles touch on some of the limitless potential of3D modeling. The ability to use industry leading software provides the opportunity to employ our design talents while maintaining typical tight schedules in this industry.


Sketch up Training for Architects

The benefits of the collaborative process extend to investing acquired knowledge and skills in colleagues and less experienced professionals. I have found that we enhance competence and skill in apprenticeship, mentoring, and sharing my expertise on Sketch-up 3D modeling with other architects and designers, and to make myself available to lead Sketch-up training classes individually and for groups.

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