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Sketch up for beginners

Create 2D geometry in 3D environment

Create surfaces from flat forms

Demonstrating stickiness of geometry in 2D

Creating 3-dimensional geometry

Demonstrate stickiness of geometry in 3D

Create geometry with the Push/Pull tool

Move entities to manipulate geometry

Maintain coplanar geometry

Connect and generate forms

Restore/Heal a surface (soften)

Mirroring a model

Creating an array

Applying materials

Creating 3D Text - Using the text tools 

Import (download) models from the 3D Warehouse

Sketch up intermediate

• Use Groups and Components to isolate geometry

• Knowing the difference between a group and a component

• Creating a component

• Editing a component

• Creating component nesting for efficient modeling

• Demonstrating the effect of scaling on similar components

• Understanding the Component browser

• Browsing for and download components from the 3D


• Combining components to create a modeL

• Inserting a component from a file

• Using Texture Tweaker

• Understanding the Materials browser

• Using the Follow-me tool

• Swapping (reload) components in a model

Sketch up advanced

• Working with SketchUp styles

• Applying editing and Creating SketchUp styles

• Mixing styles

• Locating a site in Google Earth

• Importing a site to SketchUp

• Adding a background image to the model

• Importing custom textures to the model 

• Export images to be use in Photoshop for final graphic art. 

• Basics of Sketch-up V-ray